Database Management Systems

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Database Management Systems
A set of presentations covering the book, which includes the following topics ER Model and Conceptual Design, The Relational Model and SQL DDL, Relational Algebra, SQL, Database Application Development, Overview of Storage and Indexing, Data Storage, Tree Indexes, Hash Indexes, Overview of Query Evaluation, External Sorting, Evaluation of Relational Operators, A Typical Relational Optimizer, Overview of Transaction Management, Concurrency Control, Recovery, VI Applications, Schema Refinement, Functional Dependencies, Normalization, Physical Database Design, Database Tuning Security and Authorization, Parallel Database Systems, Distributed Database Systems, Data Warehousing and Decision Support, Views, Object Database Systems, Deductive Databases, Data Mining, and Information Retrieval and XML Data Management.
Raghu Ramakrishnan, Johannes Gehrke
Added 08 Feb 2009
Updated 12 Feb 2009
Authors Raghu Ramakrishnan, Johannes Gehrke

 Table of Content

I Foundations
Chapter 1: Introduction (postscript)
Chapter 2: ER Model and Conceptual Design (postscript)
Chapter 3: The Relational Model and SQL DDL (postscript)
Chapter 4: Relational Algebra (postscript) and Relational Calculus (postscript)
Chapter 5: SQL (postscript)
II Applications
Chapter 6: Database Application Development
Chapter 7: Database-backed Internet Applications
III Systems
Chapter 8: Overview of Storage and Indexing (postscript)
Chapter 9: Data Storage(postscript)
Chapter 10: Tree Indexes (postscript)
Chapter 11: Hash Indexes (postscript)
IV Systems
Chapter 12: Overview of Query Evaluation (postscript)
Chapter 13: External Sorting (postscript)
Chapter 14: Evaluation of Relational Operators: First part (joins) (postscript) and second part (other operators) (postscript)
Chapter 15: A Typical Relational Optimizer (postscript)
V Systems
Chapter 16: Overview of Transaction Management
Chapter 17: Concurrency Control
Chapter 18: Recovery
VI Applications
Chapter 19: Schema Refinement, Functional Dependencies, Normalization
Chapter 20: Physical Database Design, Database Tuning
Chapter 21: Security and Authorization
VII Advanced Topics
Chapter 22: Parallel Database Systems. Distributed Database Systems.
Chapter 23: Data Warehousing and Decision Support. Views.
Chapter 24: Object Database Systems
Chapter 25: Deductive Databases
Chapter 26: Data Mining
Chapter 27: Information Retrieval and XML Data Management. Slides come in five parts:
Introduction to IR Systems: Supporting Boolean Text Search
Computing Relevance, Similarity: The Vector Space Model
Web Search Engines
Introduction to Semistructured Data and XML XQuery
Chapter 28: Spatial Databases
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