Introduction to Machine Learning

10 years 6 months ago
Introduction to Machine Learning
This is an introductory book about machine learning. Notice that this is a draft book. It may contain typos, mistakes, etc. The book covers the following topics: Boolean Functions, Neural Networks, Statistical Learning, Decision Trees, Inductive Logic Programming, Computational Learning Theory , Unsupervised Learning, Temporal-Difference Learning, Delayed-Reinforcement, Learning, and Explanation-Based Learning.
Nils J. Nilsson
Added 14 Jan 2009
Updated 06 Feb 2009
Authors Nils J. Nilsson
Each chapter can be downloaded from here.
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Sujit.jpgHey I was going through

Hey I was going through this book.
I liked this book.
Thanks for sharing.
Sujit Prakash Gujar
Research Scholar,
Indian Institute of Science,

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