SCUT-COUCH2009 - A Comprehensive Online Unconstrained Handwriting Database

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SCUT-COUCH2009 - A Comprehensive Online Unconstrained Handwriting Database
SCUT-COUCH 2009 database is a comprehensive database that consists of 12 datasets, namely GB1, GB2, TradGB1, Big5, Pinyin, Letters, Digit, Symbol, Word8888, Word17366, Word44208 and online text lines respectively. Particularly, SCUT-COUCH2009 contains handwritten samples of 6763 single Chinese characters in GB2312-80 standard, 5401 traditional Chinese characters of Big5 standard, 1384 traditional Chinese characters corresponding to level 1 characters of GB2312-80 standard, 8,888 frequently used Chinese words, 17366 daily-used Chinese words, 44,208 complete words from “The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary (the fourth edition)”, 2,010 Pinyin, 184 daily used symbols and 8,809 online text lines. The current version of SCUT-COUCH2009 is collected with PDA(Personal Digit Assistant) and smart phones with touch screens, contributed by more than 190 different persons, resulting in more than 3.6 million handwritten samples. SCUT-COUCH2009 database has more important characters which oth...
Lianwen Jin
Added 28 Apr 2010
Updated 28 Apr 2010
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