The Computer Vision Genealogy Project

11 years 1 months ago
The Computer Vision Genealogy Project
The Computer Vision Genealogy Project (CVGP) aims at collecting people in computer vision by organizing a family tree according to dissertation supervision relationships. Computer vision has been studied for more than 40 years. This field becomes increasingly active over the past decades. Although there are some other related academic genealogy projects exist (e.g., The AI Genealogy Project or The Mathematics Genealogy Project), we believe that building a genealogy database specific to the this area can provide more useful and interesting information for people in this community. This is an ongoing project. Therefore, you may find that there are some researchers missing or incorrect entries in our database. Please help us build a better computer vision genealogy database by inserting researchers, or modifying wrong profiles.
Added 21 May 2010
Updated 21 May 2010
The initial entries of this database are based on People in Computer Vision.

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