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Computer Systems Analysis

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Computer Systems Analysis
Comparing systems using measurement, simulation, and queueing models. Common mistakes and how to avoid them, selection of techniques and metrics, art of data presentation, summarizing measured data, comparing systems using sample data, introduction to experimental design, fractional factorial designs, introduction to simulation, common mistakes in simulations, analysis of simulation results, random number generation, random variate generation, commonly used distributions, introduction to queueing theory, single queues, and queueing networks. The techniques of the course can be used to analyze and compare any type of systems including algorithms, protocols, network, or database systems. The lecture notes cover the following topics, Course Introduction , Common Mistakes , Selection of Techniques and Metrics , Types of Workloads , Workload Selection , Workload Characterization , Data Presentation , Ratio Games , Summarizing Measured Data , Comparing Systems Using Random Data , Simp...
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