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Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms

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Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms
"This course will consist of a number of major sections. The first will be a short review of some preliminary material, including asymptotics, summations, and recurrences and sorting. These have been covered in earlier courses, and so we will breeze through them pretty quickly. We will then discuss approaches to designing optimization algorithms, including dynamic programming and greedy algorithms. The next major focus will be on graph algorithms. This will include a review of breadth-first and depth-first search and their application in various problems related to connectivity in graphs. Next we will discuss minimum spanning trees, shortest paths, and network flows. We will briefly discuss algorithmic problems arising from geometric settings, that is, computational geometry. Most of the emphasis of the first portion of the course will be on problems that can be solved efficiently, in the latter portion we will discuss intractability and NP-hard problems. These are problems for wh...
David M. Mount
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Year 2003
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