2-MITE Product-of-Power-Law Networks

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2-MITE Product-of-Power-Law Networks
— A 2-MITE is a multiple-input translinear element with two input gates. In this paper, different properties of networks of 2-MITEs are derived, especially in the case of product–of–power–law (POPL) networks, in which the output currents are products of the inputs raised to different powers. It is found that conditions ensuring the uniqueness and stability of the operating point in 2-MITE networks are less stringent than those for MITE networks with higher number of input gates. This simplifies the synthesis of these networks considerably. A graph-theoretic approach to the analysis of 2-MITE networks is presented. Necessary conditions for a set of power-law equations to be implementable by 2-MITE networks are derived. Sufficient conditions for the same are presented for the case of POPL networks with one output.
Shyam Subramanian, David V. Anderson
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Shyam Subramanian, David V. Anderson
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