20th Century Esfinge (Sphinx) Solving the Riddles at CLEF 2005

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20th Century Esfinge (Sphinx) Solving the Riddles at CLEF 2005
Abstract. Esfinge is a general domain Portuguese question answering system. It tries to apply simple techniques to large amounts of text. Esfinge participated last year in the monolingual QA track, but the results were compromised by several basic errors. This year, participation was intended to correct the basic errors of last year and work for the first time in the multilingual QA track. 1 Esfinge overview The sphinx in the Egyptian/Greek mythology was a demon of destruction that sat outside Thebes and asked riddles to all passers-by. She strangled all the people unable to answer [1], but the times have changed and now Esfinge has to answer questions herself. Fortunately, CLEF’s organization is much more benevolent when analysing the results of the QA task. performance Esfinge ( is a question answering system developed for the Portuguese which is based on the architecture proposed by Eric Brill [2]. Brill suggests that it is possible to get state ...
Luís Costa
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where CLEF
Authors Luís Costa
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