2D/3D Web Visualization on Mobile Devices

11 years 3 months ago
2D/3D Web Visualization on Mobile Devices
Abstract. Visualization is able to present the rich Web information intuitively and make the Web search/mining more productive. Mobile computing is able to provide the flexibility of working anytime and anywhere. Therefore, it is natural to combine the two techniques for intriguing applications. However, the technical limitations of mobile devices make it difficult to port well-designed visualization methods from desktop computers to mobile devices. In this paper, we present what we learned on engineering 3D Web visualization on both high-end and low-end mobile devices as the MWeb3D framework, which forms a distributed pipeline that move intensive computation from the mobile devices to server systems. Some important issues of this strategy include: (1) separating visualization from graphics rendering, (2) encoding visual presentation for transmitting via bandwidth-limited wireless connections, (3) user interaction on mobile devices, and (4) highly efficient graphics rendering on the m...
Yi Wang, Li-Zhu Zhou, Jianhua Feng, Lei Xie, Chun
Added 12 Jun 2010
Updated 12 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2006
Where WISE
Authors Yi Wang, Li-Zhu Zhou, Jianhua Feng, Lei Xie, Chun Yuan
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