A 3D Human Brain Atlas

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A 3D Human Brain Atlas
3D representations of human physiology provide interesting options in the field of education. Understanding the human brain seems to be much easier when the anatomical structure is shown in the three-dimensional domain rather than in a 2D or flat projection. Seeing how the brain is 'wired' and how the different regions are connected to form circuits and complex networks requires a spatial understanding of the brain structure. Conclusions about how this structure evolved can be drawn more easily from a 3D model than from a 2D depiction of the brain. Such 2D depictions are typically found in textbooks. Our goal is to make a brain atlas three-dimensional, so that different user groups can use the atlas to learn more about the brain and possibly make new discoveries. In order to facilitate this, we have a developed a 3D human brain atlas, which serves as an educational tool for various types of students. The software is interactive and supports multiple user profiles, ranging fro...
Sebastian Thelen, Jörg Meyer, Achim Ebert, Ha
Added 08 Nov 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Where 3DPH
Authors Sebastian Thelen, Jörg Meyer, Achim Ebert, Hans Hagen
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