A 3D Modeling System for Creative Design

12 years 6 months ago
A 3D Modeling System for Creative Design
We propose a new approach to easily creating 3 0 geometric models. A technique called interactive evolutionary computation (IEC) is introduced to accelerate user’s invention and inspiration of new shapes. The proposed IEC-based design system generates aesthetically pleasing shapes through the simulation of natural evolutionary processes. The user only is required to specrfi hidher subjective preference of each shape generated by the IEC. The system allows even beginners with little knowledge and experiences of the 3 0 modeling to acquire innovative shapes. Because the system is developed based on a 3 0 geometric modeler using implicit surface method, it also provides skilled experts with an advanced modeling interface. The experts can directly modrfi the internal parameters of the 3 0 models to make them more elaborate ones. Some experimental results are presented to show the potential of the proposed modeling method.
Hiroaki Nishino, Hideyuki Takagi, Sung-Bae Cho, Ko
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Type Conference
Year 2001
Authors Hiroaki Nishino, Hideyuki Takagi, Sung-Bae Cho, Kouichi Utsumiya
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