3DWiki: the 3D Wiki engine

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3DWiki: the 3D Wiki engine
We demonstrate one of the potential paths of the evolution of wiki engines towards Web 3.0. We introduce 3dWiki - the 3D wiki engine, which was built according to 2-Layer Interface Paradigm (2LIP). It was developed for use by Copernicus, our vision of a 3D encyclopedia. In the demonstration: • We give an overview of 2-Layer Interface Paradigm, an attempt to marry advantages of 3D experience with the advantages of narrative structure of hypertext. • We describe step by step how to create an article for Copernicus: from creating models for the 3D background, through authoring the content, creating the c-links, to publishing the result in our encyclopedia. • We show how to use a physics engine in our wiki. Categories and Subject Descriptors I.7.2 [Document and Text Processing]: Document Preparation – Hypertext/Hypermedia. I.3.7 [Computer Graphics] ThreeDimensional Graphics and Realism. Keywords 2LIP, 3D Hypermedia, 3D Web, 3D Wiki
Jacek Jankowski, Marek Jozwowicz, Yolanda Cobos, B
Added 28 May 2010
Updated 28 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Authors Jacek Jankowski, Marek Jozwowicz, Yolanda Cobos, Bill McDaniel, Stefan Decker
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