Abstract Logics as Dialgebras

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Abstract Logics as Dialgebras
Logics as Dialgebras Alessandra Palmigiano Departament de L`ogica, Hist`oria i Filosofia de la Ci`encia, Universitat de Barcelona The aim of this report is to propose a line of research that studies the connections between the theory of consequence operators as developed in [1] and [4] and the theory of dialgebras. The first steps in this direction are taken in this report, namely some of the basic notions of the theory of consequence operators - such as logics - are translated into notions of the theory of dialgebras, and internal characterizations of the corresponding classes of objects are presented. Moreover it that the class of coalgebras that corresponds to abstract logics of empty signature is a covariety. s: Coalgebra, dialgebra, abstract logic, closure system functor. 1 Structure and content of this report logics and other related notions are presented in the first section together with some basic properties. econd section it is shown how abstract logics of empty similarity t...
Alessandra Palmigiano
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Year 2002
Authors Alessandra Palmigiano
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