From Abstract Painting to Information Visualization

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From Abstract Painting to Information Visualization
abstract painting and practice can benefit information visualization—even though the two fields have significantly different objectives. This comparison reflects the spirit of aesthetic computing, a concept that could establish a new discipline on the convergence of art, science, and technology. Fishwick defines aesthetic computing as the application of aesthetics to computing.1 As Healey argues, aesthetically pleasing displays would visually engage and motivate the viewer.2 The objectives of symmetry and minimal crossing in graph drawing and various metaphoric representations of information in information visualization provide evidence of this. In addition to aesthetics, many principles applied to painting can act as the guideline for effective information visualization. , from an art history perspective, typically refers to form and does not usually address color and texture. Art literature sometimes uses the term none in place of abstract to be more indicative of tract painting...
Kang Zhang
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