Accelerating Telnet Performance in Wireless Networks

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Accelerating Telnet Performance in Wireless Networks
This paper describes the design of a system that significantly improves the performance of telnet data delivery for 3270 and 5250 emulation so that access to legacy applications via mobile units over low bandwidth wide area wireless networks is feasible. One of the key innovations of this technology is data stream caching. More generally, data stream caching can be used to reduce the transport volume for a broad class of data streams such as Lotus Notes or file transfer. The technology described herein is implemented in a system called Emulator Express (EE) [1], middleware that optimizes the operation of telnet 3270 and 5250 emulation. EE can be used with any wireless or wireline technology that implements the TCP/IP protocol. The success of the EE technology is reflected by some customers that report that the performance of running host applications when connected to their wireless networks often exceeds that of running the same applications when connected to a LAN. Keywords Data red...
Barron C. Housel, Ian Shields
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Authors Barron C. Housel, Ian Shields
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