An Access Point Selection Algorithm for Heterogeneous Stations

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An Access Point Selection Algorithm for Heterogeneous Stations
In wireless LAN technology, access point selection at each station is a critical problem in order to obtain satisfactory throughputs. The current protocol for access point selection is based on received signal strength, and a concentration of stations causes a degradation of the entire wireless network. To avoid the problem, various algorithms have been proposed. In the present paper, we first verify performances of known access point selection algorithms in the wireless LAN environment such that there are two types of stations communicating with TCP and UDP. Next, we propose an access point selection algorithm with QoS control for the heterogeneous wireless LAN environment. In the algorithm, each station uses different algorithms according to types of communication protocols. We finally show experimental results of the proposed algorithm and known algorithms, and verify effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.
Yasuhiro Sagara, Akihiro Fujiwara
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Updated 29 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where ICWN
Authors Yasuhiro Sagara, Akihiro Fujiwara
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