Accurate Estimation of the Cost of Spatial Selections

12 years 6 months ago
Accurate Estimation of the Cost of Spatial Selections
Optimizing queries that involve operations on spatial data requires estimating the selectivity and cost of these operations. In this paper, we focus on estimating the cost of spatial selections, or window queries, where the query windows and data objects are general polygons. Cost estimation techniques previously proposed in the literature only handle rectangular query windows over rectangular data objects, thus ignoring the very significant cost of exact geometry comparison (the refinement step in a "filter and refine" query processing strategy). The cost of the exact geometry comparison depends on the selectivity of the filtering step and the average number of vertices in the candidate objects identified by this step. In this paper, we introduce a new type of histogram for spatial data that captures the complexity and size of the spatial objects as well as their location. Capturing these attributes makes this type of histogram useful for accurate estimation, as we experime...
Ashraf Aboulnaga, Jeffrey F. Naughton
Added 01 Nov 2009
Updated 01 Nov 2009
Type Conference
Year 2000
Where ICDE
Authors Ashraf Aboulnaga, Jeffrey F. Naughton
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