Accurate Timeliness Simulations for Real-Time Wireless Sensor Networks

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Accurate Timeliness Simulations for Real-Time Wireless Sensor Networks
—The use of wireless sensor networks is rapidly growing in various types of applications that benefit from spatially distributed data collection. Some of these applications, such as industrial automation, fire detection or health monitoring, have strong timeliness constraints. Since field deployments are difficult to monitor and debug, the development of realtime communication protocols for wireless sensor networks necessitates accurate simulation models. This paper presents open source Omnet++ simulation models based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard. Four evaluation scenarios are used to compare simulation timeliness and packet error rate results with experimental measurements. The small scale of the scenarios allows to isolate the effect of each system component. The comparison validates the models for timeliness estimates in sensor networks and pinpoints the variability of software implementations in embedded systems as a major cause of differences between simulated and measured ...
Jérôme Rousselot, Jean-Dominique Deco
Added 20 May 2010
Updated 20 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where EMS
Authors Jérôme Rousselot, Jean-Dominique Decotignie, Marc Aoun, Peter van der Stok, Ramon Serna Oliver, Gerhard Fohler
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