Achieving proportional delay differentiation efficiently

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Achieving proportional delay differentiation efficiently
In this paper, we focus on efficiently achieving Proportional Delay Differentiation (PDD), an instance of the Proportional Differentiation Model (PDM) first proposed under the DiffServ framework [3]. Waiting Time Priority (WTP) has been found to be a suitable algorithm to achieve PDD. Using WTP [4] as a reference, we show that our proposed Scaled Time Priority (STP) algorithm is able to provide near proportional delay at a complexity of O(1), which is lower than the O(N) complexity of WTP, where N is the number of service classes in the system. Simulation results also show that STP is able to emulate the performance of WTP. .
Hoon-Tong Ngin, Chen-Khong Tham
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Type Journal
Year 2004
Authors Hoon-Tong Ngin, Chen-Khong Tham
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