Active rules for sensor databases

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Active rules for sensor databases
Recent years have witnessed a rapidly growing interest in query processing in sensor and actuator networks. This is mainly due to the increased awareness of query processing as the most appropriate computational paradigm for a wide range of sensor network applications, such as environmental monitoring. In this paper we propose a second database technology, namely active rules, that provides a natural computational paradigm for sensor network applications which require reactive behavior, such as security management and rapid forest fire response. Like query processing, efficient and effective active rule execution mechanisms have to address several technical challenges including language design, data aggregation, data verification, robustness under topology changes, routing, power management and many more. Nonetheless, active rules change the context and the requirements of these issues and hence a new set of solutions is appropriate. To this end, we outline the implications of acti...
Michael Zoumboulakis, George Roussos, Alexandra Po
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Updated 30 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2004
Where DMSN
Authors Michael Zoumboulakis, George Roussos, Alexandra Poulovassilis
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