Active Visual Perception for Mobile Robot Localization

10 years 4 months ago
Active Visual Perception for Mobile Robot Localization
Abstract Localization is a key issue for a mobile robot, in particular in environments where a globally accurate positioning system, such as GPS, is not available. In these environments, accurate and efficient robot localization is not a trivial task, as an increase in accuracy usually leads to an impoverishment in efficiency and viceversa. Active perception appears as an appealing way to improve the localization process by increasing the richness of the information acquired from the environment. In this paper, we present an active perception strategy for a mobile robot provided with a visual sensor mounted on a pan-tilt mechanism. The visual sensor has a limited field of view, so the goal of the active perception strategy is to use the pan-tilt unit to direct the sensor to informative parts of the environment. To achieve this goal, we use a topological map of the environment and a Bayesian non-parametric estimation of robot position based on a particle filter. We slightly modify the...
Javier Correa, Alvaro Soto
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Type Journal
Year 2010
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Authors Javier Correa, Alvaro Soto
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