Acyclic Multi-Way Partitioning of Boolean Networks

9 years 3 months ago
Acyclic Multi-Way Partitioning of Boolean Networks
Acyclic partitioning on combinational boolean networks has wide range of applications, from multiple FPGA chip partitioning to parallel circuit simulation. In this paper, we present two efficient algorithms for the acyclic multi-way partitioning. One is a generalized FMbased algorithm. The other is based on the theory of maximum fanout-free cone (MFFC) decomposition. The acyclic FM-algorithm usually results in larger cut-size, as expected, compared to the undirected FM-algorithm due to the acyclic constraint. To our surprise, however, the MFFC-based acyclic partitioning algorithm consistently produces smaller (50% on average) cut-sized solutions than the conventional FM-algorithm. This result suggests that considering signal directions during the process can lead to very natural circuit decomposition and clustering, which in turn results in better partitioning solutions. We have also implemented parallel gate level simulators in Maisie and applied our partitioning algorithms to evalua...
Jason Cong, Zheng Li, Rajive Bagrodia
Added 09 Aug 2010
Updated 09 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1994
Where DAC
Authors Jason Cong, Zheng Li, Rajive Bagrodia
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