Adaptable Mobile Transactions

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Adaptable Mobile Transactions
Mobile environments are characterized by high variability (e.g. variable bandwidth, disconnections, different communication prices) as well as by limited mobile host resources. Such characteristics lead to high rates of transaction failures and unpredictable execution costs. This paper introduces an Adaptable Mobile Transaction model (AMT) that allows defining transactions with several execution alternatives associated to a particular context. The principal goal is to adapt transaction execution to context variations. An analytical study shows that using AMTs increases commit probabilities and that it is possible to choose the way transactions will be executed according to their costs. In addition, the middleware TransMobi is proposed. It manages environment awareness and implements the AMT model with suitable protocols. RÉSUMÉ. Les environnements mobiles sont caractérisés par une grande variabilité (bande passante variable, déconnexions, prix de communication différents, etc.)...
Patricia Serrano-Alvarado, Claudia Roncancio, Mich
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where BDA
Authors Patricia Serrano-Alvarado, Claudia Roncancio, Michel E. Adiba, Cyril Labbé
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