Adaptation of scalable multimedia documents

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Adaptation of scalable multimedia documents
Several scalable media codecs have been standardized in recent years to cope with heterogeneous usage conditions and to aim at always providing audio, video and image content in the best possible quality. Today, interactive multimedia presentations are becoming accessible on handheld terminals and face the same adaptation challenges as the media elements they present: quite diversified screen, memory and processing power capabilities. In this paper, we address the adaptation of multimedia documents by applying the concept of scalability to their presentation. The Scalable MSTI document model introduced in this paper has been designed with two main requirements in mind. First, the adaptation process must be simple to execute because it may be performed on limited terminals in broadcast scenarios. Second, the adaptation process must be simple to describe so that authored adaptation directives can be transported along with the document with a limited bandwidth overhead. The Scalable MSTI...
Benoît Pellan, Cyril Concolato
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Benoît Pellan, Cyril Concolato
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