Adapting bioinformatics curricula for big data

4 years 8 months ago
Adapting bioinformatics curricula for big data
Modern technologies are capable of generating enormous amounts of data that measure complex biological systems. Computational biologists and bioinformatics scientists are increasingly being asked to use these data to reveal key systemslevel properties. We review the extent to which curricula are changing in the era of big data. We identify key competencies that scientists dealing with big data are expected to possess across fields, and we use this information to propose courses to meet these growing needs. While bioinformatics programs have traditionally trained students in data-intensive science, we identify areas of particular biological, computational and statistical emphasis important for this era that can be incorporated into existing curricula. For each area, we propose a course structured around these topics, which can be adapted in whole or in parts into existing curricula. In summary, specific challenges associated with big data provide an important opportunity to update ex...
Anna C. Greene, Kristine A. Giffin, Casey S. Green
Added 30 Mar 2016
Updated 30 Mar 2016
Type Journal
Year 2016
Where BIB
Authors Anna C. Greene, Kristine A. Giffin, Casey S. Greene, Jason H. Moore
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