Adaptive cycle management in soft real-time disk retrieval

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Adaptive cycle management in soft real-time disk retrieval
The objective of this study is to determine the right cycle management policy to service periodic soft real-time disk retrieval. Cycle based disk scheduling provides an effective way of exploiting the disk bandwidth and meeting the soft real-time requirements of individual I/O requests. It is widely used in real-time retrieval of multimedia data blocks. Interestingly, the issue of cycle management with respect to dynamically changing workloads has not been receiving proper attention despite its significant engineering implications on the system behavior. When cycle length remains constant regardless of varying I/O workload intensity, it may cause under-utilization of disk bandwidth capacity or unnecessarily long service startup latency. In this work, we present a novel cycle management policy which dynamically adapts to the varying workload. We develop pre-buffering policy which makes the adaptive cycle management policy robust against starvation. The proposed approach elaborately det...
Youjip Won, Ilhoon Shin, Kern Koh
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Type Journal
Year 2006
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Authors Youjip Won, Ilhoon Shin, Kern Koh
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