Adaptive Data Dissemination in Sensor Networks Using WPDD

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Adaptive Data Dissemination in Sensor Networks Using WPDD
In Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), address-based routing approaches often lead to severe problems due to node mobility, energy-saving sleep-cycles, and often missing or unreliable address information. Data-centric routing schemes such as flooding or gossiping solve these problems but may lead to congestion or starvation. Based on biologically inspired mechanisms known from cellular signaling pathways, we discovered potentials in enhancing the communication required for self-organization in network environments suffering from data paths with low reliability and time variations of the reliability. Using an importance factor for particular transmissions in combination with feedback loops, the overall quality of the global system can be increased. The resulting algorithm, Weighted Probabilistic Data Dissemination (WPDD), includes an inherent adaptation to changing network conditions. Congestion control is supported as well as prioritized data communication. This paper outlines the worki...
Falko Dressler, Reinhard German, Bettina Krüg
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where FBIT
Authors Falko Dressler, Reinhard German, Bettina Krüger
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