An Adaptive Hierarchy Management System for Web Caches

10 years 11 months ago
An Adaptive Hierarchy Management System for Web Caches
A group of web caches can be organized into a cooperative hierarchy where a search for a requested object is performed among the cooperating peer caches before the object request is sent to the origin web server. Such cooperation improves the overall hit ratio but introduces the overhead of an additional step in request processing as well as additional workload on the caches and more traffic in the network. The main goal of cooperation is to improve the response time observed by clients, but the result can be the opposite, if, e.g., the network between the caches is very busy. In this paper, we present an Adaptive Hierarchy Management System to dynamically configure a hierarchy of caches based on existing conditions, without human intervention. The system consists of a centralized controller and distributed agents installed on the caches. The agents collect and report information on cache usage. The controller monitors the underlying network and determines the best hierarchy based o...
Pranav A. Desai, Jaspal Subhlok
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where IC
Authors Pranav A. Desai, Jaspal Subhlok
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