Adaptive Information Infrastructures for the e-Society

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Adaptive Information Infrastructures for the e-Society
Abstract. Positioned at the confluence between human/machine and hardware/software integration and backed by a solid proof of concept realized through several scenarios encompassing e-Securities, e-Health, and e-Logistics for global manufacturing and emergency response management, this work exploits latest advances in information and networking technologies to set a systematic framework for the design of the information infrastructures (coined as AIIs - Adaptive Information Infrastructures) destined to fuel tomorrow’s eSociety. Designed following the natural laws of evolution, which merge selforganization and natural selection [38], these socially embedded information infrastructures can adapt to fulfill various needs as their environment demands. Computational intelligence techniques endow the AIIs with learning and discovery capabilities, emulating social and biological behavior. AIIs are destined to become an integral part of our life by supporting, rather than disturbing, a frame...
Mihaela Ulieru
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where ATAL
Authors Mihaela Ulieru
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