Adaptive Location Management Scheme for Mobile IP

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Adaptive Location Management Scheme for Mobile IP
Mobile IP is a common standard to support global mobility of mobile hosts (MHs). One of the major problems for the Mobile IP is frequent location update and high signaling overhead. To solve this problem, a regional registration was proposed to employ the hierarchy of the foreign agents (FAs) and the gateway foreign agents (GFAs) to localize registration operation. The system performance is largely dominated by the ability of a GFA and its reliability. In this paper, we propose a new location management scheme for Mobile IP that reduces signaling burdens configuring regional network dynamically according to the characteristics of users and network. And we also propose a cost model to calculate the total signaling cost for cost comparison. Simulation demonstrates that the proposed scheme performs better than other schemes when compared the total signaling cost and the regional network size. Also, our scheme enhances the system robustness and the load distribution.
Ha Won Kim, Sung Je Hong, Jong Kim
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Updated 24 Dec 2009
Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Ha Won Kim, Sung Je Hong, Jong Kim
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