Adaptive overlapping approach for DCT-based motion estimation

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Adaptive overlapping approach for DCT-based motion estimation
The feedback loop for temporal prediction of traditional implementations of an MPEG-compliant video coder requires conversion of images from the spatial domain to the transform domain and then back to the spatial domain due to the restriction of motion estimation schemes performed only in the spatial domain, severely limiting the throughput of the coder. However, availability of the low-complexity DCTbased motion estimation scheme (DXT-ME) that we proposed in the past can remove this bottleneck and concurrently reduce the complexity of the overall coder structure. In this paper, we adopt an adaptive overlapping approach to further improve this DCT-based motion estimation scheme, as demonstrated in the simulation results. Furthermore, the analysis of stability of DXT-ME will be presented and the case of a uniformly bright environment will also be discussed. Finally, the parallel architecture of DXT-ME will be outlined in this paper.
Ut-Va Koc, K. J. Ray Liu
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Type Conference
Year 1995
Where ICIP
Authors Ut-Va Koc, K. J. Ray Liu
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