Adaptive programming in JAsCo

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Adaptive programming in JAsCo
In this paper we propose an extension to JAsCo for supporting Adaptive Programming in a Component-Based Software Development context. JAsCo is an aspect-oriented programming language targeted at Component-Based Software Development and allows encapsulating crosscutting concerns using highly reusable aspect beans. Adaptive Programming on the other hand, allows capturing crosscutting concerns by structure-shy adaptive visitors. We propose to implement an adaptive visitor as a regular JAsCo aspect bean. As such, the reusability of an adaptive visitor is improved because the same visitor can be reused within different component contexts. We introduce JAsCo traversal connectors to deploy adaptive visitors, implemented as JAsCo aspect beans, upon a concrete component traversal. In addition, these traversal connectors allow to explicitly specify how the behavior of several adaptive visitors, instantiated onto the same component traversal, needs to be combined by making use of the JAsCo prece...
Wim Vanderperren, Davy Suvée, Bart Verheeck
Added 26 Jun 2010
Updated 26 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Where AOSD
Authors Wim Vanderperren, Davy Suvée, Bart Verheecke, María Agustina Cibrán, Viviane Jonckers
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