Adaptive Sampling for Geometric Problems over Data Streams

12 years 5 months ago
Adaptive Sampling for Geometric Problems over Data Streams
Geometric coordinates are an integral part of many data streams. Examples include sensor locations in environmental monitoring, vehicle locations in traffic monitoring or battlefield simulations, scientific measurements of earth or atmospheric phenomena, etc. How can one summarize such data streams using limited storage so that many natural geometric queries can be answered faithfully? Some examples of such queries are: report the smallest convex region in which a chemical leak has been sensed, or track the diameter of the dataset. One can also pose queries over multiple streams: track the minimum distance between the convex hulls of two data streams; or report when datasets A and B are no longer linearly separable. In this paper, we propose an adaptive sampling scheme that gives provably optimal error bounds for extremal problems of this nature. All our results follow from a single technique for computing the approximate convex hull of a point stream in a single pass. Our main result...
John Hershberger, Subhash Suri
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where PODS
Authors John Hershberger, Subhash Suri
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