Adding Roles to Relationship Patterns

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Adding Roles to Relationship Patterns
—In this paper we study how roles can be added to patterns modelling relationships in Object Oriented programming, and which new relationship patterns can be introduced using roles. Relationships can be introduced in programming languages either by reducing them to attributes of the objects which participate in the relationship, or by modelling the relationship itself as a class whose instances have the participants of the relationships among their attributes. However, even if roles have been recognized as an essential component of relationships, also in modelling languages like UML, they have not been introduced in Object Oriented programming when it is necessary to model relationships. Introducing roles allows to add attributes and behaviors to the participants in the relationship, rather than to the relationship itself, and to distinguish natural types as classes participating in the relationships from the roles the participants acquire in the relationships. In this paper we show ...
Matteo Baldoni, Guido Boella, Leendert W. N. van d
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where WOA
Authors Matteo Baldoni, Guido Boella, Leendert W. N. van der Torre
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