Admission Control for Multimedia Delivery Over Deadline-Based Networks

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Admission Control for Multimedia Delivery Over Deadline-Based Networks
—Increasing demand to transmit real-time data over packet-switched networks calls for quality-of-service support from the underlying network. Deadline-based networks were developed for this purpose. In a deadline-based network, each application data unit (ADU) is associated with a delivery deadline, it is specified by the sending application and represents the time at which the ADU should be delivered at the receiver. The ADU deadline is mapped to packet deadlines, which are carried by packets and used by routers for channel scheduling; deadlinebased scheduling is employed in routers. It was shown that a deadline-based network provides better support to real-time data delivery than a first-come-first-served network. We study how to effectively and efficiently deliver multimedia data in deadlinebased networks, especially when at heavy load. When network load is high, congestion may occur. Multimedia data may miss their delivery deadlines due to excessive queueing delays and high p...
Yanni Ellen Liu, Jie Wu
Added 02 Jun 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Yanni Ellen Liu, Jie Wu
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