Advanced empirical testing

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Advanced empirical testing
In today’s industrial applications, we see that knowledge systems are successfully implemented. However, critical domains require the elaborate and thoughtful validation of the knowledge bases before the deployment. Empirical testing, also known as regression testing, denotes the most popular validation technique, where predefined test cases are used to simulate and review the correct behavior of the system. In this paper, we motivate that the classic notions of a test case and the corresponding measures are not sufficient in many application scenarios. We present enhanced notions generalizing the standard test case, and we show appropriate extensions of the measures precision and recall, that work on these test case notions. Furthermore, the effective inspection of test runs is important whenever test cases fail. We introduce a novel visualization technique that allows for the effective and intuitive analysis of test cases and test run outcomes. The new visualization is useful f...
Joachim Baumeister
Added 14 May 2011
Updated 14 May 2011
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Year 2011
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Authors Joachim Baumeister
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