Advantages of Query Biased Summaries in Information Retrieval

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Advantages of Query Biased Summaries in Information Retrieval
1 This paper presents an investigation into the utility of document summarisation in the context of information retrieval, more specifically in the application of so called query biased (or user directed) summaries: summaries customised to reflect the information need expressed in a query. Employed in the retrieved document list displayed after a retrieval took place, the summaries’ utility was evaluated in a task-based environment by measuring users’ speed and accuracy in identifying relevant documents. This was compared to the performance achieved when users were presented with the more typical output of an IR system: a static predefined summary composed of the title and first few sentences of retrieved documents. The results from the evaluation indicate that the use of query biased summaries significantly improves both the accuracy and speed of user relevance judgements.
Anastasios Tombros, Mark Sanderson
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Type Conference
Year 1998
Authors Anastasios Tombros, Mark Sanderson
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