Agent and user inhabited virtual communities: a case study

12 years 5 months ago
Agent and user inhabited virtual communities: a case study
: We report about ongoing research in a virtual reality environment where visitors can interact with agents that help them to obtain information, to peform certain transactions and to collaborate with them in order to get some tasks done. i%isenvironment is a laboratoryfor research and experiments on users interactingwith agents in multimodal ways, referring to visualized information and making use of knowledge possessed by domain agents, but aho by agents that represent other visitors of this environment. Although the environment is tuned to a theatre environment, we think there are sufic:ent general properties in order to learn about other applications, e.g. other theme oriented, educational and entertainment environments and even electronic commerce environments. In addition, especially in the home environment, there will be a growing need for social interfaces that are inhabited by visualizeddomain agents, user agents,fiienh and relatives that help, advise, and `negotiate' on ...
Anton Nijholt
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Type Conference
Year 2000
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Authors Anton Nijholt
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