An agent-based approach to component management

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An agent-based approach to component management
This paper details the implementation of a software framework that aids the development of distributed and self-configurable software systems. This framework is an instance of a novel integration strategy called SoSAA (SOcially Situated Agent Architecture), which combines Component-Based Software Engineering [15] and Agent-Oriented Software Engineering, drawing its inspiration from hybrid agent control architectures. The framework defines a complete construction process by enhancing a simple component-based framework with reasoning and self-awareness capabilities through a standardized interface. The capabilities of the resulting framework are demonstrated through its application to a non-trivial Multi Agent System (MAS). The system in question is a pre-existing Information Retrieval (IR) system that has not previously taken advantage of CBSE principles. In this paper we contrast these two systems so as to highlight the benefits of using this new hybrid approach. We also outline how c...
David Lillis, Rem W. Collier, Mauro Dragone, Grego
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Where ATAL
Authors David Lillis, Rem W. Collier, Mauro Dragone, Gregory M. P. O'Hare
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