Agent Based Multipath Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

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Agent Based Multipath Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
recently, mobile agents have been used to solve many problems in wireless sensor networks. Agents are usually transferred from a node to another to aggregate the sensed data and simplify the complexity of the routing algorithms. Intelligent agents can reduce the communication cost over a very low bandwidth links among the sensors. However, agents are still new to sensor networks. Small numbers of the research papers have been published in such area. In this paper, we propose an Agent Based Multipath Routing (ABMR) algorithm for wireless sensor network. The algorithm considers many of the sensors and the monitored field parameters such as energy, reliability, and number of hops, as well as the data importance. The algorithm builds a reliable multiple paths from the source to the destination. The number of paths is selected based on the importance of the sensed data. Intelligent agents are designed to construct the multipath as well as to send the sensed data to its destination. To show ...
Rabie A. Ramadan
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Year 2009
Authors Rabie A. Ramadan
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