Agents teaching agents to share meaning

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Agents teaching agents to share meaning
The development of the semantic Web will require agents to use common domain ontologies to facilitate communication of conceptual knowledge. However, the proliferation of domain ontologies may also result in conflicts between the meanings assigned to the various terms. That is, agents with diverse ontologies may use different terms to refer to the same meaning or the same term to refer to different meanings. Agents will need a method for learning and translating similar semantic concepts between diverse ontologies. Only until recently have researchers diverged from the last decade’s ‘‘common ontology’’ paradigm to a paradigm involving agents that can share knowledge using diverse ontologies. This paper describes how we address this agent knowledge sharing problem of how agents deal with diverse ontologies by introducing a methodology and algorithms for multi-agent knowledge sharing and learning in a peer-to-peer setting. We demonstrate how this approach will enable multi-agen...
Andrew B. Williams, Zijian Ren
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Type Conference
Year 2001
Authors Andrew B. Williams, Zijian Ren
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