AggregateRank: bringing order to web sites

12 years 19 days ago
AggregateRank: bringing order to web sites
Since the website is one of the most important organizational structures of the Web, how to effectively rank websites has been essential to many Web applications, such as Web search and crawling. In order to get the ranks of websites, researchers used to describe the inter-connectivity among websites with a so-called HostGraph in which the nodes denote websites and the edges denote linkages between websites (if and only if there are hyperlinks from the pages in one website to the pages in the other, there will be an edge between these two websites), and then adopted the random walk model in the HostGraph. However, as pointed in this paper, the random walk over such a HostGraph is not reasonable because it is not in accordance with the browsing behavior of web surfers. Therefore, the derivate rank cannot represent the true probability of visiting the corresponding website. In this work, we mathematically proved that the probability of visiting a website by the random web surfer should ...
Guang Feng, Tie-Yan Liu, Ying Wang, Ying Bao, Zhim
Added 14 Jun 2010
Updated 14 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Guang Feng, Tie-Yan Liu, Ying Wang, Ying Bao, Zhiming Ma, Xu-Dong Zhang, Wei-Ying Ma
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