AI and the Conquest of Complexity in Law

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AI and the Conquest of Complexity in Law
The paper identi es some of the problems with legal systems and outlines the potential of AI technology for overcoming them. For expository purposes, this outline is based on a simpli ed epistemology of the primary functions of law. Social and philosophical impediments from the side of the legal community to taking advantage of the potential of this technology are discussed and strategic recommendations are given. Several indicators point to a trend towards a more demand-driven evolution in science and technology as opposed to a technology-driven one. As research and technology become an ever more costly and complex enterprise in contrast to the individual thinkers and inventors of the past, we need to ask beforehand what the bene ts and eects of some project might be. One might even start out by identifying an existing problem and only then ask what kind of research and development would be needed to solve the problem, in a way which approximates an optimal solution under social, eco...
L. Bibel
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Year 2004
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