An Algebraic Proof of Deuber's Theorem

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An Algebraic Proof of Deuber's Theorem
Deuber’s Theorem says that, given any m, p, c, r in N, there exist n, q, µ in N such that whenever an (n, q, cµ )-set is r-coloured, there is a monochrome (m, p, c)-set. This theorem has been used in conjunction with the algebraic structure of the StoneˇCech compactification βN of N to derive several strengthenings of itself. We present here an algebraic proof of the main results in βN and derive Deuber’s Theorem as a consequence.
Neil Hindman, Dona Strauss
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Updated 22 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 1998
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Authors Neil Hindman, Dona Strauss
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