Algebraic Properties of Program Integration

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Algebraic Properties of Program Integration
The need to integrate several versions of a program into a common one arises frequently, but it is a tedious and time consuming task to merge programs by hand. The program-integration algorithm proposed by Horwitz, Prins, and Reps provides a way to create a semantics-based tool for integrating a base program with two or more variants. The integration algorithm is based on the assumption that any change in the behavior, rather than the text, of a program variant is significant and must be incorporated in the merged program. An integration system based on this algorithm will determine whether the variants incorporate interfering changes, and, if they do not, create an integrated program that includes all changes as well as all features of the base program that are preserved in all variants. To determine this information, the algorithm employs a program representation that is similar to the program dependence graphs that have been used previously in vectorizing and parallelizing compilers...
Thomas W. Reps
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Year 1990
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Authors Thomas W. Reps
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