Algebras Versus Coalgebras

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Algebras Versus Coalgebras
Algebras and coalgebras are fundamental notions for large parts of mathematics. The basic constructions from universal algebra are now expressed in the language of categories and thus are accessible to classical algebraists and topologists as well as to logicians and computer scientists. Some of them have developed specialised parts of the theory and often reinvented constructions already known in a neighbouring area. One purpose of this survey is to show the connection between results from different fields and to trace a number of them back to some fundamental papers in category theory from the early 70's. Another intention is to look at the interplay between algebraic and coalgebraic notions. Hopf algebras are one of the most interesting objects in this setting. While knowledge of algebras and coalgebras are folklore in general category theory, the notion of Hopf algebras is usually only considered for monoidal categories. In the course of the text we do suggest how to overcome...
Robert Wisbauer
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