An Algorithm for the Detection of Multiple Concentric Circles

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An Algorithm for the Detection of Multiple Concentric Circles
This paper presents a method for the detection of multiple concentric circles which is based on the Hough Transform (HT). In order to reduce time and memory space the concentric circle detection with the HT is separated in two stages, one for the center detection and another for the radius determination. A new HT algorithm is proposed for the center detection stage which is simple, fast and robust. The proposed method selects groups of three points in each of the concentric circles to solve the circle equation and vote for the center. Geometrical constraints are imposed of the sets of three points to guarantee that they in fact belong to different concentric circles. In the radius detection stage the concentric circles are validated. The proposed algorithm was compared with several other HT circle detection techniques. Experimental results show the superiority and effectiveness of the proposed technique.
Margarida Silveira
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Margarida Silveira
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