Algorithm for optimal winner determination in combinatorial auctions

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Algorithm for optimal winner determination in combinatorial auctions
Combinatorial auctions, that is, auctions where bidders can bid on combinations of items, tend to lead to more efficient allocations than traditional auction mechanisms in multi-item auctions where the agents' valuations of the items are not additive. However, determining the winners so as to maximize revenue is NP-complete. First, we analyze existing approaches for tackling this problem: exhaustive enumeration, dynamic programming, and restricting the allowable combinations. Second, we study the possibility of approximate winner determination, proving inapproximability in the general case, and discussing approximation algorithms for special cases. We then present our search algorithm for optimal winner determination. Experiments are shown on several bid distributions which we introduce. The algorithm allows combinatorial auctions to scale up to significantly larger numbers of items and bids than prior approaches to optimal winner determination by capitalizing on the fact that th...
Tuomas Sandholm
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Year 2002
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Authors Tuomas Sandholm
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