Algorithms for Deferred View Maintenance

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Algorithms for Deferred View Maintenance
Materialized views and view maintenance are important for data warehouses, retailing, banking, and billing applications. We consider two related view maintenance problems: 1) how to maintain views after the base tables have already been modi ed, and 2) how to minimize the time for which the view is inaccessible during maintenance. Typically, a view is maintained immediately, as a part of the transaction that updates the base tables. Immediate maintenance imposes a signi cant overhead on update transactions that cannot be tolerated in many applications. In contrast, deferred maintenance allows a view to become inconsistent with its de nition. A refresh operation is used to reestablish consistency. We present new algorithms to incrementally refresh a view during deferred maintenance. Our algorithms avoid a state bug that has arti cially limited techniques previously used for deferred maintenance. Incremental deferred view maintenance requires auxiliary tables that contain information re...
Latha S. Colby, Timothy Griffin, Leonid Libkin, In
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Type Conference
Year 1996
Authors Latha S. Colby, Timothy Griffin, Leonid Libkin, Inderpal Singh Mumick, Howard Trickey
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