Algorithms for Variable Length Subnet Address Assignment

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Algorithms for Variable Length Subnet Address Assignment
In a computer network that consists of M subnetworks, the L-bit address of a machine consists of two parts: A pre x si that contains the address of the subnetwork to which the machine belongs, and a su x of length L , jsij containing the address of that particular machine within its subnetwork. In xed-length subnetwork addressing, jsij is independent of i, whereas in variable-length subnetwork addressing, jsij varies from one subnetwork to another. To avoid ambiguity when decoding addresses, there is a requirement that no si be a pre x of another sj. The practical problem is how to nd a suitable set of si's in order to maximize the total number of addressable machines, when the ith subnetwork contains ni machines. Not all of the ni machines of a subnetwork i need be addressable in a solution: If ni 2L,jsij then only 2L,jsij machines of that subnetwork are addressable none is addressable if the solution no address si to that subnetwork. The abstract problem implied by this for...
Mikhail J. Atallah, Douglas Comer
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Authors Mikhail J. Atallah, Douglas Comer
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